About Us

About us

Welcome to WILLKA MAKI:

In Willka Maki Sacred Expeditions we are aware and we have a clear commitment to social development and nature conservation. We work with the local communities of each place where we carry out our activities so that in this way they feel the benefits of sustainable tourism and activate its economy with extra income and improve their standard and quality of life without losing their traditions and customs and avoid they do not migrate to another places because do not have opportunities.

Through this way we invite to you to participate in a sustainable and participatory tourism where their experiences will be unique and unforgettable, but mostly enjoying traveling and helping people in need. On behalf of the entire team of Willka Maki thank you very much for trusting us. .

Experience the true adventure in Peru with us

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Tourism Options:

WILLKA MAKI Sacred Expeditions offers the following tourism options:

Traditional excursions in Cusco, Sacred Valley & Machu Picchu.

Adventure tours (options below):
• Hikes.
• Llama treks.
• ATV's.
• Mountain biking.
• Rafting / kayaking / paddle boarding.
• Horseback riding.
• Paragliding / Zip Lines.
We have options in Expeditions and Multi Activities together, just ask your guide or operator.

Cultural experiences and gastronomic activities.
• Sustainable tourism in the local communities.
• Textile and pottery classes.
• Peruvian Cooking Classes.